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Best All-In-One WordPress Membership Plugin.

Now you don’t need bouquet of rigid plugins to

1) Build

2) Grow

3) Protect &

4) Support

your membership business.

You can easily do all 4 using All-In-One Membership plugin.


Unveil the secrets of best wordpress membership plugin

When we were WordPress beginners, we used to choose WordPress plugins based on the recommendation from popular WordPress blogs. But not anymore. Why? Because, over the time we have realized that those blogs are maintained by plugin companies and their suggestions are highly biased. With experiences (mostly bad ones) we unveiled some secrets of selecting best and powerful plugin for wordpress. Here are those top 4 secrets that will help you in selecting a powerful membership plugin for your website.

99.99% Accurate calculations

Payment and date related calculations are core parts of any membership plugin. But still most of the membership plugins don’t have consistency in these calculations. If you look at list of issues (open and closed) of any membership plugin, most of them are related to payment and date calculations. In a rush to add more features/integration, these plugins’ core parts get affected which result in calculation errors. These types of errors should not account for more than 0.01% of the total. We therefore suggest that, while selecting a plugin the foremost attention should be given to its accuracy.

Relatively simple

You must agree that when it comes to software products, everyone is looking for simplicity. Everyone wants to emulate simplicity of Apple products, which is overhyped. If all features and options of a membership plugin are just a click away you will end-up doing a lot of settings on the admin dashboard. It should be kept simple relative to its usage and audience type. The plugin should provide a facility to create a website which is Super Easy for visitors to navigate and operate. It should be Easy for the manager to perform daily/weekly tasks. It’s Ok to have a Not-So-Easy admin interface. Admin is not going to change prices, taxes, invoices and other such settings regularly. Hence a membership plugin should not penalize visitors and managers to achieve admin dashboard simplicity.

It should not restrict your freedom

You read it right; most membership plugins possess dictatorial behavior. Once you install it and set up your business, it will give you little freedom to move out of the trap. They offer a good way to migrate from other plugins but not a good way to move out from it. It should offer a clear path to say goodbye. It should not force or manipulate you to buy specific plugins or services.

Should work 95% of the time

We assume that every visitor of your website be able to access all the web pages as it is. But the reality is different. How ? Let’s calculate. No. of Unique Visitor Environment = No. Of Device Types x No. Of Operating System x No. Of Different Browser x No. Of Screen Resolutions. Total No. of Unique Visitor Environment turns out to be in the thousands. Technology adoption among non-tech people is not that fast and there are people who use decade old OS and Browsers. It's difficult to satisfy all of them but while designing plugin’s UI integration a care must be taken to build useful UI helping 95% of the visitors and not just the latest UI targeting less than 60% visitors.

Which businesses can use All-In-One Membership plugin ?

All-In-One Membership helps any business which requires combinations of membership, controlled content access and quick after-sale support. Some example of those

  1. Professional Associations
  2. Alumni Of Academic Institution
  3. Software Licences Sales
  4. WordPress Plugin Developers/Companies
  5. E-Learning
  6. Individual Digital Courses
  7. Members Only E-Commerce
  8. Private Social Community like Church
  9. Donation Collection Website
  10. Common Interest Groups
  11. NGO / Non-Profits
  12. Recurring subscription service for podcast, video and text content
  13. Provide AMC services for IT, Appliances, Cleaning, Lift Maintenance, Office Maintenance, Swimming Pool, Lawn Mowing.

Your Data is Yours in All-In-One

We respect your right on the data inserted and generated within All-In-One Membership. For any reason, if you want to stop using All-In-One Membership and want all of your master and transactional data in tabular format. It can be exported in no time. To move out from All-In-One Membership is much easier than switching into it.

Invest Dollar a Day For All-In-One Plugin

All-In-One Membership price is crystal clear. No price manipulation by keeping core plugin price low and then offering add-ons or extensions. Your yearly license cost will be USD 365 for upto 3 websites, that is one dollar per day. You will get every feature offered by All-In-One Membership in that price, no hidden costs or add-on charges and no cross sales.

Make the Switch to All-In-One Today

"Join many who are switching from MemberPress, Whishlist Member and other legacy applications"

Why Choose All-In-One WordPress Plugin To "Build" Your Membership Website?

Straight answer, everything you require is included in All-In-One. Plus it’s flexible. You save a lot of time when you are not playing with a bunch of plugins and extensions for basic functionalities. You will make fewer mistakes as well. All-In-One helps you to focus on what is important and eliminates non-essentials. It's very easy and straightforward to build a membership website. Here is the highlight

Powerful WordPress Page Builder support

All-In-One doesn’t restrict your creativity. You can design your website the way you like it, use whatever page builder you prefer. All-In-One are regularly tested for following page builders.

  • Gutenberg
  • Elementor
  • Divi
  • WP Bakery

Range of Choice for Memberships

All-In-One helps you to acquire audiences as per the demand by providing flexible membership options.

  • Free Trial Membership
  • Infinite Time Membership
  • Fixed Time Membership
  • Unlimited Number of Levels

Configurable Fees, Taxes & Prices

Price transparency is the number one factor to establish trust with online customers. With All-In-One you can set up complex pricing and taxation in no time.

  • Recurring Subscription charges
  • Price per Post
  • Price per content Item
  • Local and delivery location taxes
  • Setup Fees, Late Fees, Annual Fees

Built-in Event Manager

Events are an integral part of the membership business hence it has been built-in within the All-In-One. You don’t have to buy an extra plugin for this. It support

  • Location based events
  • Online Events
  • Customized Booking Forms, Attendee Forms
  • Event Extras like meal, transport

Built-in Email Manager

Emailing is the preferred mode of async communication in any membership setup. You will not need a separate plugin for emailing but it is bundled within All-In-One.

  • Individual Emails
  • Group Emails
  • Email Broadcast
  • Automatic Email Alerts and Notification

Separate Manager UI for daily task

Speed and accuracy of back-office activities depends on clarity of UI. It becomes difficult to combine admin and managerial activities in the common admin dashboard. All-In-One has provided separate UI to perform routine managerial functions. This is to avoid mistakes and speed-up transactions.

Quick Settings & Troubleshooting Screen

What if you reach common settings without browsing through 10-20 options. What if you can easily troubleshoot common run time issues like emailing, payment in a single click. All-In-One plugin has fulfilled these wishes by providing separate UI for quick settings and troubleshooting.

Lots of action and filter hooks in code

All-In-One has provided a lot of hooks to change any functions as per your requirement. You can change almost anything in All-In-One, you can even do incredibly complex looking changes easily using provided action and filter hooks.

How To "Grow" Membership Business Using All-In-One WordPress Plugin?

All-In-One is a game changer to promote your membership business. Easy and clear cut options to setup and execute your promotional activities. Here is the highlight

Branded Invoices

Do you wish to lose opportunities of cross sales and reference sales? If No, then All-In-One has a way to impress your existing client by designing professional Invoices. In All-In-One, neither you have to buy another plugin for invoicing nor you to compromise on using pre-designed invoices. You can design the invoices the way you want and send them within the system itself.

Discounts & Coupons

All-In-One supports full proof facilities to run festival sales and promotional offers. Discount and coupons are not just yet another facilitates but it has been rigorously tested for possible combinations. It's very easy to set up and monitor.

Newsletters & Email Marketing

No need to buy yet another plugin for sending newsletters and other email marketing activities. You can send individual, multicast and broadcast emails within All-In-One at breeze. Multicasting filters of levels, locations and groups allows you to send announcements and reminders as per your strategy.


Remaining content.......

Trial Membership

Best and cost effective way to promote your content and digital product is to offer trial access. All-In-One offers trial access at membership and content level. You can set a time limit for a trial account or you can set a content limit for a trial account.

Online Events & Podcast

Do you want to build a brand around certain ideas and educate your audience? Then it will be easy to execute that strategy in All-In-One. You can set up single day events, multi-day conferences and regular pod-cast within your website. You will not need another SaaS service website account or manual process.

Content Marketing – Blogging

One of the solid reasons you have chosen WordPress for your membership website is its powerful blogging capacity. You will not be deprived of any core WordPress blogging features. Additionally, you will have advanced All-In-One features to create and maintain content at membership levels, event levels, group levels.

What are the Options in All-In-One to "Protect" Your Membership Website Content?

Membership business is all about intellectual properties, that’s your content in different formats. Our WordPress plugin weighs data and access protection higher than anything else. All-In-One offers multiple ways to enforce access restrictions to your data.

In-built Anti-Spam Capabilities

Junk emails and spam comments generate major garbage in any website's back-office data. Solution to this problem is an integral part of the All-In-One plugin for WordPress. Your members will not have to face those annoying captcha images or calculations from third party tools.

URL Restrictions

If you have a business setup where multiple business areas or locations have their own sub-site and want strict content management. All-In-One helps you to achieve this by providing URL level content restrictions.

Page & Post Restrictions

All-In-One membership plugin allows you to restrict all, or certain pages and posts to logged in users only. It will also set access to specific groups or member levels.

Category Wise Restrictions

Do you want to take complete control of your website's content by restricting access to specific categories and taxonomies? The All-In-One WordPress plugin offers a powerful facility to achieve that.

Content Block wise restriction

This membership plugin helps you to restrict access to specific paragraphs, images or videos for certain users or levels.

Membership Level Restrictions

Membership level restriction is fundamental access control in the All-In-One WordPress plugin. You can protect your site against unwanted access by putting strict member level restrictions.

Special Interest Group Wise Restrictions

All-In-One is seamlessly integrated to BuddyPress and bbPress. You can put special interest group specific access restrictions to content and events.

Menu Level Restriction

Do you want to create membership level specific menu access? You can achieve this in All-In-One with breeze.

How All-In-One Can Help You to "Support" Your Customers?

Without great customer support no business can sustain. The All-In-One plugin offers various ways to support your members. Within the plugin you can set up everything you need for online support, excluding chat and voice/video call support.

Self Serving Profile Data

All-In-One has very rich in-built member profile pages, you can tailor it to suit your needs. Members transactions and reminders are centrally accessible within profile pages. Members will not have to depend on helpdesk for account related information.

Knowledge Base and Manuals

Knowledge base allows you to scale customer support by allowing your customers to easily find solutions to problems without having to open a support ticket. You can set up an exhaustive knowledge base and manuals using blogs and bbPress integration with All-In-One.

Group & Community Discussion

Social networking and communities are integral functions of membership business. All-In-One leverages BuddyPress’s community features to enable group discussions around ideas, topics, events and subjects pertaining to your business.

Forum & Support Tickets

Forum and support tickets are last resort for online support. Within All-In-One you can allow your members post topics in forums and subsequently handle them as a support ticket by the helpdesk team.